Herrgott für Anfänger

Spielfilm TV | Sascha Bigler | 2017
Musa, a bon vivant with a turkish background, spends his days cruising through life and through Vienna as a cab driver - until he falls in love with the breath takingly beautiful Aisha, who is his ultra religious bosses (Ercan Durmaz) daughter.
But in order to get any chance to win her over, he, who had never had any run-ins with religion, that were of any substance, has to become a model Muslim. And if he’s already on the task of impressing his boss and Aisha, it would be a big bonus if he could raise some money, to save the failing cab business as well.
Meanwhile he inherits a Heurigen called “Die Reblaus” after the sudden death of one of his regular costumers (Erni Mangold). But only under one condition: within a year he has to convert to Christianity to be able to accept the inheritance and therefor solve his boss’ money troubles.

It seems to be an unsolvable dilemma, right? Wrong! Musa takes on the challenge according to his motto “ The end justifies the means” and leads sort of a religious double life. But it is only a matter of time until everything around him threatens to unravel and his plan shows its flaws.
And above all that he has to deal with misanthropic Miri (Katharina Straßer), who sees herself as the rightful heiress of “The Reblaus” and who will do everything to make Musa’s life a living hell.
But life has a way of planning ahead and leaves you gobsmacked of how quickly plans can change …

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Herrgott für Anfänger

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