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Dokumentarfilm | Wolfgang Murnberger | 1995
Attwenger: "Attwenger - the film - is about Attwenger but not by Attwenger, because a film by Attwenger would look completely different, although - and we admit it - we did work hard on this film, because otherwise...

Making films is, like making music or making other things, a matter in which the final product depends on your attitude.  In this film a lot of more - and less - comical scenes emerged, but most of them are somewhere in between, depending on how they came out.  In our opinion Attwenger themselves are on screen very often, almost too often,  like famous people.  That doesn't get us anywhere.  Indeed, the comments made by other people, those who get to speak in the film, are sometimes interesting, and there are a couple of good animated films and other things, and music.  In all, more than 80 minutes to sit through.  Anyway, if we hadn’t seen the film so often while it was being made, we would watch it ourselves, at least once, that is."

Premiere: 14. September 1995
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